AO Limited, "Wear" Different

 AO Limited is an independent Hat company Founded in Tainan City (Taiwan) that offers Timeless, Cut & Sew, Handmade, Limited edition, Signed, Dated & Numbered 5-panel & 6-panel hats.

Why Choose Us?

All of our 5-panel & 6-panel hats are CUT & SEW, Signed, Numbered and Dated in our Tainan City (Taiwan) smoke-free Studio. Each piece is inspected closely to ensure the highest quality. 

Each 5-panel Pattern comes in a quantity of (25 pcs) or less while each 6-panel Pattern comes in a quantity of (50 pcs) or less. 

Now Thats Limited!

About Us



AO LIMITED, is an independent Hat company that was Founded in Tainan City (Taiwan) in 2016. We offer Timeless, Cut & Sew/ Handmade, Limited Edition, Signed, Dated & Numbered 5-panel & 6-Panel hats. We hand pick all of our fabrics ourselves with the intention of aiming for the best Pattern. We only work with Patterns that are not usually associated with 5-panel/6-Panel hats. We offer small quantities of each hat design to help ensure a more Unique, Limited, Exclusive experience when purchasing and wearing our hats. Keeping our 5-panel & 6-Panel hat styles regularly updated does more than just offer a variety to our Customers, it also gives them something exciting to look forward too when they check in to see our newest AO Limited creations.